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Our Company's Story


Phillip Pouncey Builder, Inc. grew out of Phillip’s personal vision to continue his family’s work of carpentry while embracing new techniques and methods to accommodate the rising demands of construction. He began in 1988 as a small wood-framing sub contractor. As his company grew more efficient in wood framing, foundation and site work, his market presence expanded.

Each completed project gave him the opportunity to undertake projects that were more challenging and demanded a higher level of skill. Over the years, these projects have ranged from large commercial framing and foundation work to custom residential and commercial construction, renovations and additions.

Each of these areas of building requires a working knowledge specific to its type. Philip's expertise coupled with years of experience has enabled him to complete a variety of project types and sizes.

About Phillip Pouncey


As a fourth generation carpenter, I have seen many building trends come and go over the years. Each decade has brought a host of new and more efficient methods which have enhanced our ability to build, but have also led us to a more generalized and time-constrained view of construction. It seems that the industry has slowly moved away from the once held view of construction as carpentry where each home was built with quality craftsmanship and a specific family in mind.

My belief is that this time-tested view of building is not only the most reliable, but also ensures a better finished product. This is the premise upon which I have built my company. I hope you will find our website informative and a representation of my pursuit of the lost art of skilled carpentry.

Thank you for your interest in Phillip Pouncey Builder, Inc.
Phillip C. Pouncey