Residential & Commericial Construction

Like the blueprints used in the build out, every project has to have a solid framework in order to create a sound finished product. At Phillip Pouncey Builder, INC. we have the knowledge, ability, and expertise to work in both fields of Residential and Commercial Construction. Whether it is for a hotel or a family, we bring our expertise and craftsmanship to the table for all of our projects.

Phillip’s work in the field of custom homebuilding & unique commercial building has become his leading interests. He is driven by the conviction that a home should speak of its family: who they are, their interests, and specific needs.

When it comes to the commercial building his focus is on the individuals that make up the company and how to build a space that best fits the company’s needs. To achieve this, Phillip works closely with the architect and client in the building process from the inception to the finished product. This standard ensures a more comprehensive grasp of the project and the greatest satisfaction of the client.


Featured Commercial & Residential Projects